Latin wedding symbols’ meanings

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Spanish bride symbols have deeper interpretations than what is immediately apparent, from the bride’s mask to the marriage band. These distinctive wedding customs recognize a couple’s lineage, beliefs, and home and are rich in history.

For instance, it’s common for padrinos and madrinas ( godparents in English ) who are typically married and provide advice to the new couple to attend a wedding party. The bridal veiling service, in which the bride’s mother or father places the veil over her head to symbolize her purity and determination to her new husband, is likewise customary. According to Baca, padrinos and madrinas may frequently be given a spot on the bride system and does give the few gifts during the meeting, such as Bibles or rosaries

Although not everyone is aware that it represents purity, the standard pale clothing is also a crucial component of any Italian nuptial. In the past, the bride would dress in a white outfit to demonstrate her virginity and capacity for childbearing. Myrtle and rosemary, two species with aphrodisiac properties, are then used to decorate the wedding to ward off evil spirits.

The arras service is yet another pre-marriage ceremony. In exchange, the man promises to assist his wedding in the future by giving her 13 gold coins that are decorated with different models, including spiritual symbols, family crests, and last names. These are then kept as a memento after the wedding and put away in an exclusive torso. Finally, as the newlyweds leave the ceremony, friends frequently toss corn or bird seedlings over them in an effort to bring luck and reproduction.

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